Behind ORN — Orawan Pisitkasem and Fah Ruengskul.

ORN is the creation of its two co-founders; Orawan Pisitkasem, with a background in advertising who leads a boutique design agency in Bangkok and Fah Ruengskul, a brand and marketing consultant who spent many years as a marketing executive at a global corporation, and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. They have been friends since grade five. Rajini School in Bangkok taught them traditional Thai values, skills, and artistic taste. Both share a passion for fine scents, interior decoration, travel, and all things design. To fulfill their dream of revitalizing the fast disappearing traditional Thai perfuming and decorating techniques they have set out to find unique, world-class fine fragrances to incorporate into their Thai- inspired scented products.

Not long after, the concept of ORN Perfumed Ornaments for Body & Home was born.

Now, ORN is the real international brand of Swiss-Thai company, and is expanding its presence in many countries across the world.

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